Third Grade Math Worksheets

You may freely use any of the third grade worksheets below in your classroom or at home. Just click on the math worksheet title and click on the download link under the worksheet image. Feel free to duplicate as necessary.


Multiplication Dice

In this worksheet, your young one will take the numbers from the dice and write a number sentence.


Multiplication Maze 2

Your student can have fun while practicing his multiplication with this maze worksheet.


Timed Multiplication

This worksheet is a timed multiplication drill where the second factor is 0 through 6.


Timed Multiplication: 0-11

This multiplication practice worksheet has your student solving problems where the second factor is 0-11.


Timed Multiplication: 0-12

Your student will be proficient in multiplication after practicing with this worksheet where the factors are between 0 and 12.


Timed Multiplication: 0-3

You can time your little mathematician in this multiplication timed exercise where the bottom factor is 0-3.