Ratio Worksheets for Practice

Ratios state a relationship between two entities. These free printable math worksheets cover a variety of concepts and strategies to help your student understand what ratios are and how they are calculated. To view additional details about a specific worksheet or to download a printable activity, click on the worksheet title.


Grocery Shopping

Your student will discover the value of knowing ratios in this shopping worksheet.


The Better Buy

In this worksheet your student will analyze prices using ratios.


The Walk-a-thon

Your student can go the distance with this real-world worksheet on ratios!


Trail Mix

This yummy worksheet will make your student hungry for more about ratios!


Unit Prices

Your student will be a savvy shopper after this ratio worksheet!

unit rate ratio worksheets

Unit Rates

Part-to-one ratios are the focus of this worksheet.


What is a Ratio?

It’s a visit to the zoo with this introductory worksheet on ratios!